Slink is a new biannual fashion, music and culture magazine featuring the women of the moment. It is being launched at a time when print is supposedly dying and digital content is booming; a time of rapid change and excitement that Slink’s print and online pages aim to capture. Issue One speaks to those with a nostalgia for phone free days, times when parties weren’t a sea of swaying smart phones and unengaged revellers. Read it, rip bits out and pass them on. Cherish it or keep it dog eared in your bag amid tangled headphones and crisp packets. Dig deeper into the stories of those within, listen to their sounds and appreciate their style. Enjoy Slink!

Slink Issue #1

  • A4

    350gsm soft laminate cover, 200gsm gloss pages

  • Slink is an independent magazine, therefore online shipping is UK only. We would love Slink to go global, so contact us if you wish to fly us further afar! 

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